Quality Ready Mixed Concrete and Floor Screeds

Who We Are

Scotscreed Limited


Scotscreed Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Glenalmond Trading Investments Limited. Glenalmond Trading Investments Limited trades as Glenalmond Contracts, a Perth based construction industry specialist sub-contractor who is the country’s largest installer of flowing floor screeding systems.

Dedicated to product quality, and customer satisfaction, Glenalmond has chosen to heavily invest in a world class, state of the art, highly efficient and environmentally responsible production facility. Coupled with access to some of the country’s highest quality cements and aggregates, we have complete control over our supply chain, and are pleased to be able to offer the same quality products to concrete and screed users throughout the Dundee, Angus, Fife and Perthshire area.

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Supply of Quality Ready Mixed Concrete and Floor Screeds to the Dundee, Angus, Fife and Perthshire regions


Self Collection

Utilising our very efficient computer controlled central mixer, we are able to offer a prompt quality product to small builders, or other contractors with the ability to self collect aggregates or ready mixed concrete, from a convenient city centre location.


General Construction

Utilising the highest quality cements and aggregates, we can deliver to you exactly the mix you require for any project at a competitive price. We would be pleased to deal direct, however if you have trading terms with Aggregate Industries PLC  ( Bardon Concrete ) they can deal with your enquiry and order.

Major Contracts

With our state of the art central twin shaft mixer, we can provide large hourly and daily volume of high and super high strength concretes suitable for every project in the Dundee region. On large projects, we work hand in hand with construction materials giant Aggregate Industries PLC  ( Bardon Concrete ) who provide technical support, and can deal with your enquiry and order.


Floor Screeds

The plant was built to provide high quality flowing calcium sulphate and semi dry cement based floor screeds to the parent company, and we would be pleased to offer these products at competitive prices to the marketplace, as material supply only, or installed in your project.

Our timeline

Our production unit’s transformation in images, from unused brownfield site to fully operational ready mixed concrete plant within Q2 of 2017.

From an unused unit, to a fully operational Concrete Plant in Dundee, within a few short months. At Scotscreed, we have the solution and are focused on providing the highest quality products.

Latest News

Recent news and company information.

Another Big Day 3

Another Big Day


Another big day, first delivery by ship of 7,500 tonnes of sand and stone from Aggregate Industries Glensanda superquarry.

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Launch 4

The Big Day Is Here


The big day is here.
First full production run, 6 loads Anhydrite screed to Aberdeen.
Many thanks to Simem Concrete Technologies,…

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Silo 2

Silo Installation Day


Silo Installation Day!! Two of the four landed before lunch!

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